Janys Murphy PhD, LMHC, CDP - Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Teacher, Healer
 Healing Sessions and Workshops

Janys offers healing sessions based on her experience and training in yoga, yoga therapy, and shamanic skills. Sessions are available by appointment only on Saturdays. Healing sessions are a good adjunct to already existing healing practices or processes such as counseling, acupuncture, for example. The cost is $170.00 payment prior to the service (cash, check and credit cards are all accepted). The service will include a brief intake by phone, the scheduled appointment, and an aftercare plan for your continued success and growth.
Spiritual Healing Group

Begins October 2nd, 2019
Cost- $175

This six-week group will give participants a contained space to learn practices and techniques to create a foundation for self and other healing. Practices include but are not limited to techniques from counseling, yoga, yoga therapy, shamanic and spiritual practices. Such techniques will help you manage day to day emotional, spiritual and social stressors, as well as learn how to have a good relationship with your daily interactions, and how past experiences can cloud, consume, or negatively impact your present moment.

Participants are encouraged to bring a pen, paper, and their excitement to this workshop.

Please contact Janys for more information and to schedule a brief pre-interview which is required prior to the first meeting. 

Email: inbalancecounseling@gmail.com

Introduction to The Enneagram

Begins May 22nd, 2019

The Enneagram is a map that helps people grow in self-awareness. This 5-week group will introduce people to this map primarily, and secondarily what motivates the different types to engage in their behaviors. Participants will look at the basic structure and challenges of each type and walk away with some ways to use the map for further one’s relationship with self, life, and others. 

Cost $160.00, pre-registration required. 

Enneagram Consultation- Are you interested in learning more about the Enneagram to benefit you in your personal or professional relationships? Dr. Murphy has experience consulting with businesses and individuals to help them further understand what leads to improved communication and understanding of your own variance in instinct and temperament. You can schedule online, in person in her office, or at your business if you are looking for a presenter on this topic. 

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